Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Makeup Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette

I will certainly be purchasing some more makeup revolution goodies after trying this palette, great first impression. 

They have an abundance of choice! I needed more pink and blush tones so I purchased the Sugar and Spice blush palette to check out the quality. I didn't expect the shades to be so pigmented as it was a cheap palette so I put a generous amount on the brush, I was mistaken. They are so pigmented and I was surprised at the quality considering the price, great value for money. 

The first Blush shade is probably my most frequently used, it's a pretty and natural pink with a hint of brown. I used it recently for wedding trial makeup up and it received a good amount praise. The second shade is similar but more diluted and slightly less pink. Number three is a pretty candy pink, that's very well pigmented. I nearly always use number four as a highlighter it's gorgeous and shows up beautifully in photos. The fifth shade is pretty classic pink blush. Number six is a fab hot pink tone, I use this one a lot. Number seven is a pretty coral shade and suits every skin tone in my opinion. Number eight is another beautiful highlight, so pigmented and great for photos.

Below are the swatches. As you can see for yourself they're beautifully pigmented! I'm glad I discovered this brand, looking forward to trying out some more makeup. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

This is currently my most used palette. I regret that I haven't tried too faced products sooner now, all cruelty free too.

I was looking for an eye-shadow palette that catered to my most favourable shades to make things more convenient. The palette contains an array of 16 shades that are appropriate for both day and night looks. They are very pigmented and there are good combination of matte and shimmery finishes. There isn't a colour I dislike.

The chocolate box palette is actually made from 100% natural cocoa powder and smells divine!

Shades below 

Gilded Ganache
A sophisticated shimmery bronzed colour with a slight hint of green and brown hues. 

White Chocolate
 I frequently use white chocolate as a base as it's a perfect neutral matte shade. 

Milk Chocolate
A matte brown colour, Works really well on the crease, for creating depth and blending. 

Black Forest Truffle
Delicious shimmery plum shade, looks so pretty on, I frequently blend it with Candied Violet. 

Triple Fudge 
Is quite similar to Gilded Ganache but slightly browner hues and a matte finish. 

Salted Caramel
Is another matte shade that works so well for the crease and adding depth. 

Is my favourite and most used shade! It's got a beautiful shimmer that suits the hues beautifully. Its a pretty, peachy shade with a slight hint of gold. 

A mid tone versatile matte brown, appropriate for so many looks. 

Strawberry Bon Bon
A yummy candy, matte pink colour. 

Candied Violet
A beautiful shimmery purple that sparkles different violet shades in the light. 

I adore this shade!! I use it on the crease and blend it with darker shades on the outer corners. It's my second favourite in this palette, a beautiful metallic copper with a hint of plum. 

Is another frequently used eye-shadow I use it for multiple looks. It's a beautiful bronze shimmery  shade. Love!

Creme Brulee
I love golds, this eye-shadow is a perfect shimmery gold that makes my blue eyes really pop. 

Haute Chocolate 
This one looks even better on, the pigment is beautiful. It's a dark chocolate brown with some red undertones and a beautiful frosted finish. 

Cherry Cordial 
One of the defining factors of why I chose this palette. I love this shade. It's got beautiful red and plum undertones perfect for nighttime and dramatic, warm looks. 

Champagne Truffle 
A beautiful frosted champagne. I love using this shade in the inner corners. 

Below is a look I created. 
It also includes a great glamour guide with three beauty looks 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Eye Favourites

Ardell Natural Demi Wispies

I adore these eyelashes for numerous reasons. They can be used day or night, they aren't too heavy but still make an impact. My favourite types of eyelashes are longer on the outer corners so the Demi Wispies were spot on. The strip is thin so they are very easy to apply and blend, they fit my eyes perfectly. 


Sleek i-Devine Vintage Romance 

I've mentioned this palette on my blog before but had to share for those of you that haven't come across this beauty before. The prevalent theme to this palette is beautiful shades of golds and purples. It's a bargain and they colours are well pigmented. They blend really well and there are numerous palettes to choose from. This one is by far my fav though. 

Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner

This is the only liquid eyeliner I use now despite having numerous expensive brands that I am no longer satisfied with. I wouldn't recommend this eyeliner for beginners as the brush is extremely thin, you certainly need a steady hand. I like the precision I can get from this one, I can get ultimate control for the perfectly shaped wing. It's long lasting too. 

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye (Light)

This under eye concealer makes a considerable difference without being heavy or creasing. This is a light coverage, great consistency and anti aging benefits. I took a before after photo but I did slightly wimp out after seeing how big a difference it made on me, sorry guys (I woke up like this). I don't have really bad bags just slightly dark circles so I don't need anything too heavy, this is a good amount. 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion 

I have been astounded by how well my eyeshadow has lasted with this baby. Me and the bestie went day drinking and I done her obviously turned into an all night drinking session, was a very messy one to say the least. We got in and her eyeshadow was flawless, it was a miracle. Lasted 14 hours, was a great test to see how well the product worked. 

Loreal Telescopic Mascara 

I have yet to find a mascara that makes my eyelashes this long. I have tried others but always come back to this one. It's been my main mascara for 4 years now. I didn't even know my eyelashes could get this long. Both the product and brush are beautiful. 

Urban Decay Naked Basics 

I always have this on me and use it nearly everyday. I have a more detailed review in a previous post (August 2014). It's all you really need and is a great size to carry around. They are all easy to blend and apply and well pigmented. It's one of my essentials and it's lasted ages!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

January Favourites

Calm Book and App

Like many others, I do suffer from stress and anxiety. I especially need some extra comfort during the January blues. The calm book contains some great activities to try, positive quotes and insights. I'm a visual person and it's a very aesthetically pleasing book. Its beautifully laid out and designed. The app is great for meditations, some are free and others you have to pay for. It's great though, so many to choose from for different scenarios. I think considering most peoples lifestyles, meditation and calmness is vital to practice. We need to look after ourselves and save time to be still, to be the best versions of ourselves. 

PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Shampoo and Conditioner 

This is great for the winter as my hair gets washed out, dull and brassy. You leave it on for 5 minutes, twice a week only. The purple hues counteract the brassy tones. It definitely done the trick! I've tried a few and they have never given me results like this brand. Don't leave it in longer than 5 minutes though! My hair went a bit purple, whoops.   

John Frieda Sheer BLONDE 
go blonder lightening spray. 

Again, my blonde hair needs a little help in winter. This is great for a little controlled lightening. It contains a small amount of peroxide and you can build up the lightness over time. It works with your hairdryer/heat. Use straighteners for an extra lightening boost. 

MUA Palette

I have been using this palette so much this month! It's got great day to night looks. With shades including variations of pinks, golds, browns and blues, all my fav's! It only costs £4 as well. Bonus. This palette is called undressed. 

Sleek MakeUp
Matte Me 

I've been seeing so many looks with matte lipsticks/creams. I find it's easier to over draw your lips with a matte finish too. Trouble was finding a decent matte lip finish for a good price. I experimented with a few for you a found a good one. Awesome value for money too. Lasts so well! The shades I have are Birthday Suit and Party Pink. 

Schwarzkopf got2b
 glued (blasting freeze spray) 

This is my most frequent empty product as I love it and my friends love it! It's a must have for my night out routine. Amazing for volume, it's so strong and hold all night. Use in moderation though it's powerful stuff.   

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

January Glossybox

Classic reds are my favourite choice when it comes to nail varnish. This is a bright and brilliant hue, perfect all year round, with a lovely finish. 

Teeez Cosmetics 

This lipstick was a beautiful coral shade. The thing that stood out to me is how well the condition of my lips felt after. It contains coconut oil, which I love.


Couldn't stop touching my face after testing this mask. It felt super fresh and clean too. It contains Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, I've researched the benefits of this ingredient and it can supposedly sooth acne flare ups and shrink pores. I have to admit before doing this research I did notice my pores had improved. It works well with sensitive skin types, a lot of masks I use give my face a little sting, this face mask was definitely friendly to my skin.

GLOSSYBOX Eyeshadow 

I personally think this is an ideal crease colour and would work brilliantly with a smokey eye. The texture felt lovely too. It has a good depth to it and shines slightly different hues depending on the lighting. Gorgeous. 


This months Glossybox included this full size product worth £38! It contains birch juice which I found interesting. I found an article ...according to the director of Madara she says "In Latvia, we drink birch sap a lot in spring as this is our tradition, it provides skin with vitamins and other biologically active substances, such as free amino acids, and valuable sugars to rejuvenate, protect and reduce the signs of aging. Recognised as a pure potent anti-ageing ingredient, it is one of the Nordic women's beauty secrets". 

Here's a link if you want to subscribe to Glossybox

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Makeover Photoshoot Iggy Azalea

Done a fun Iggy shoot as the subject loves her. For the skin, I applied Estee Lauder Double Wear, which is amazing. It's a liquid foundation with a matte finish and covers flawlessly. I also used the Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer which is one of the best ones I've ever used. I lightly went over the face with the NYX Smooth Skin translucent powder. It's really cheap and doesn't interfere with the colour it just locks in the make up and ensures a matte finish. To contour I used the Sleek contour kit in light. I contoured the cheekbones, sides of the nose and a bit round the sides of the forehead. I used the Rimmel blush in Pink Rose. For the eyebrows I used an angled brush and the shade Faint. 

There isn't too much going on with the eye shadow for Iggy's make up look, it's just mainly eyeliner. I used the Naked Basics palette. I put Venus in the inner corners with a bit of Faint and Crave in the outer corners I done this to create a elongated shape, like Iggy's eyes. I used Rimmel Glam Eyes for the liquid eyeliner, it's a really thin brush so you can apply with more precision. For the eyelashes I use Eyelure Lengthening No116. These are quite thin and natural but long. Iggy doesn't usually wear big falsies and it makes the eyeliner show more. 

For the lips I used BarryM LPS3 in Infinite Pink. 

If you want to see how I edit my pictures, let me know. I may do a post on this soon. For more of my photography and makeover photo shoots check out my website its if you want to ask about prices and availability for a shoot email me